About Romy

Hello friends,

my name is Romy and I am a 20-something globe trotter based in Prague, Czech Republic.

My passion for travel was ignited when my parents took me on many trips around Europe almost every summer as a kid forcing me to tour, explore and hike while I was annoyingly dreaming of sunbathing in Croatia as all my friends were. Thanks to these wonderful family vacations Romy the spoilt little brat became Romy the tourists and travel enthusiast.

My adventures really started in 2012 when I took a trip to India as a part of a volunteering project and after that my feet have never stopped itching. I soon discovered that adventure really feeds my soul and the biggest adventure truly lies far from the comfort zone. Since then I have visited even more places in Europe, gone to Egypt, volunteered in East Africa, backpacked through Mexico, roadtripped in the United States, wandered through Jamaica, explored New Zealand, strolled down the streets of Morocco, lived in New York City….and that is just the beginning.

I have done all of that while educating myself in the field of international development because besides my passion for never-ending travels I dream of making a difference and helping to narrow the gap between developed and developing countries. I am not afraid to dream big and bring my dreams into reality one day.

Meanwhile I started this blog as a place to share inspiration and stories from my travels and adventures. I have always loved writing journals so this is sort of taking my journal into the next level so other gypsy souls can experience what this world has to offer. If nothing else, I surely will be happy to look back on my memories and thoughts when I am old, grumpy and lazy to travel (jk, I will never stop). So we will see where this journey will take me…

Welcome to my corner of the world!