KIA ORA NEW ZEALAND II.: SOUTH ISLAND IN PICTURES (and a little talk about vanlife)

“Home is wherever you park it.”

That is music to my ears. The possibility of stopping anywhere I want, taking back roads to see something special, driving through detours just because I feel like it, listening to music while enjoying the empty roads and soaking up the scenery…. that is the kind of flexibility and independence I was craving during many of my travels.

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I was waiting in line at the Beijing Airport ready to board my final flight to Auckland to finish my journey to the other side of the world as an older man standing in front of me started chatting with me. We were small talking about weather in China, airport food and long layovers. He told me he was from Wellington and I told him how excited I was to visit New Zealand. Right before we had gone our separate ways, he smiled and told me: “Miss, don’t go to New Zealand. It will spoil you for life. There aren’t many places that can beat this incredible beauty.”

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