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VIVA PUERTO RICO: The ultimate guide to the „Island of Enchantment“

Thanks to its beautiful beaches, washed by even more beautiful Caribbean waters, all surrounded by splendid palm trees and a tropical breeze Puerto Rico rightly earned the nickname “Island of Enchantment”. But there is a lot more to Puerto Rico than “just” spectacular beaches. It is also a home of verdant nature, historic cities and warm-hearted locals which when bundled…

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SALAAM ALAYKUM MOROCCO: One week in the Arab West

Waves of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, exotic charm of the Sahara desert, high peaks of the Atlas Mountains, Arab culture, Berber traditions and magic of the ancient towns with the combination of the proximity to the European continent caused that Moroccan Kingdom has recently been experiencing a massive boost of tourism. Nicknamed Maghreb (“Arab west”), this African…

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