ITALIAN PHOTODIARY: Weekend in Venetian lagoon

I believe that there is always a good time for a weekend getaway and frankly, not that many things in the world can take my mind of things as well as strolling through a new (or old) place and soaking up different views, surrounding myself with unfamiliar faces and simply exploring and aimlessly wandering around. So, for the long weekend in the end of February I picked an European classic – enchanting Venice.

Venetian lagoon, located in Italian north-eastern region of Veneto, consists of over a hundred of islands separated by canals and connected by dozens of bridges which all together create a crazy labyrinth rich in architecture. It is undoubtedly one of the most famous cities in Europe and in my opinion also the most romantic. Nicknamed the floating city, Venice was built on foundation made of wooden piles and is known for so called “aqua alta” – a flooding that happens regularly due to the rising tides in the lagoon. During aqua alta the water can actually reach up to 120 cm!

Tourists come to Venice to admire its narrow streets, impressive structures, canals full of traditional gondolas and local glass production. What gets (and deserves) the most attention is Piazza San Marco thanks to being framed by many fabulously decorated buildings like Doge’s Palace and San Marco Basilica.

Over the last decades, Venice has earned a reputation for being quite crowded, which in some moments and places can be unbearable. I guess it makes sense – there is only a certain number of people that this little town take and the capacity of this city is being pushed to its limits. In fact, in the last 100 years the number of inhabitants grew by more than 2/3, and the number even doubles during the high season months.

Therefore I am very glad I chose the last weekend of February to visit – the annual renaissance carnival had just ended so the crowds left and prices dropped but it was still too early for all those organised tour groups coming in high season. Actually I visited Venice when I was little and remember it being pretty, hot, crowded, with delicious ice cream and lots of pigeons. This time, except for the prettiness, I had a different experience. In the end of February, Venice was cold, calm and somewhat soothing. But again I was reminded why Napoleon called Venice the “Drawing room of Europe” – because it is so darn beautiful!

Originally I wanted to write a post about what to do in Venice but then I realized that there is nothing better to do than getting lost, intentionally or not, because that’s how you take the mystical vibes all in. So here is a little photo diary from our Venetian getaway.

P.S. Thank God for amazing friends who, out of the blue, join you on your random travels when you least expect it and make them even better with their joyful presence. 🙂

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