Welcome to my corner of the world

I was sitting in a coffee bar on the main square of Favignana’s centro with a rental bike parked by my side waiting for my breakfast to be ready. It […]

Hot as a jalapeño pepper, pristine as the colour of the Caribbean Sea, ancient as the Mayan ruins, wild as the waves of Pacific Ocean and colourful as the paper […]

I never really knew much about Sicily. I was aware that it is an Italian island located in the Mediterranean Sea with the mysterious capital city Palermo known for once […]

India is a crazy place, there’s no doubt about that, and just thinking of the time I spent there brings back so many feelings and emotions. It can be overwhelming, noisy […]

“Home is wherever you park it.” That is music to my ears. The possibility of stopping anywhere I want, taking back roads to see something special, driving through detours just […]

I was waiting in line at the Beijing Airport ready to board my final flight to Auckland to finish my journey to the other side of the world as an older […]

According to Jay z and Alicia Keys the streets of New York will make you feel brand new and there is nothing you can’t do but that might not be […]

Before we started planing our Moroccan adventure, my friend and I had managed to get pretty cheap flight tickets with Ryanair (tip: try to go somewhere else then Marrakech). Soon […]

Thanks to its beautiful beaches, washed by even more beautiful Caribbean waters, all surrounded by splendid palm trees and a tropical breeze Puerto Rico rightly earned the nickname “Island of […]

Waves of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, exotic charm of the Sahara desert, high peaks of the Atlas Mountains, Arab culture, Berber traditions and magic of the ancient […]

Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal, is often a quick stop for travelers looking for a weekend getaway or a starting point before exploring the entire country. Plus with the […]

Recently I’ve read a quote that said: „If European cities were a necklace, Prague would be the diamond“, which I couldn’t agree more with.  Home to some of the best […]