“I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees.” H.D. Thoreau

…or in case of this trip, my friend and I went to the mountains and came out taller than all the peaks. When we started planning our nature getaway that we wanted to fill with hiking, biking and eating, my friend and I could have not picked a better place. Slovenia is a tiny country in Central and South-eastern Europe bordering the Mediterranean and touching the Alps. This alpine treasure is often overlooked by tourists because the beach-goers head straight to Croatia or Italy and mountain enthusiast choose the safe bet of northern Italy or Austria, possible also France. But this country with rolling hills, snow-capped mountain peaks and enchanting valleys is pretty much an outdoors paradise for every budget.

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“I love Barcelona”, “It is my favourite city in Europe”, “Oh Barcelona, I would love to move there one day….”. These are examples of some of the reactions I heard when I had mentioned I was planning a trip to Barcelona earlier this year. The place is often referred as one of the prettiest cities in Europe so it is no surprise that Barcelona had been holding a very high spot on my travel bucket list for quite some time. Actually, I can’t believe that with the amount of travel I like to do, I turned 26 without ticking this one off. So, in the beginning of the summer 2017, I decided to finally fly to the capital of Catalonia and see what all the fuss is about.

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I was sitting in a coffee bar on the main square of Favignana’s centro with a rental bike parked by my side waiting for my breakfast to be ready. It was very early in the morning, still a bit chilly but I could already feel the first sunshine rays warming my face. The sky was cloudless and the square was calm, only now and then there was somebody riding their bike across the square probably going to work or local market. I took out my map of the island and ran my fingers across it to plan how to get to different beaches while tiny kitten came to hang out under my table. A handsome Italian waiter was making my coffee latte.

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Ciao SICILIA! My trip to the Northwest

I never really knew much about Sicily. I was only aware that it is an Italian island located in the Mediterranean Sea with the mysterious capital city Palermo known for once being a home of the “Godfather” mafia and that Sicily’s most iconic landmark may be the active volcano Mt. Etna…so it was about time to delve into what real Sicily hides in its corners.

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Portuguese layover: ONE DAY IN LISBON

Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal, is often a quick stop for travelers looking for a weekend getaway or a starting point before exploring the entire country. Plus with the increasing number of international flights operated not only by Portuguese airlines, the city is slowly but surely becoming more popular destination for layovers, which was my case on the way to the US. And as per usual, my itchy feet didn’t let me go somewhere without making the most of my stopover.

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Welcome to fairy tale: TOP THINGS TO DO IN PRAGUE

Recently I’ve read a quote that said: „If European cities were a necklace, Prague would be the diamond“, which I couldn’t agree more with.  Home to some of the best kept architecture in Europe, Prague’s monumental castle, picturesque cobblestone streets and charming spires have turned the city into a real life fairy tale. Add good beer and fun nightlife both for low prices and no wonder Prague has lately been experiencing the tourist boom.

I have been proudly calling Prague my home since 2010 so it felt about right that my first published article would be focused on this central European treasure. And because a list of “Top 10 things to do” didn’t seem to be enough for Prague, I doubled it and, combining the tourist point of view with the local insight, I created an ultimate guide to the Pragadise.

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